ardula fleetCan we handle it?

Yes we can!!! Ardula’s own fleet of distinctly liveried red and blue lorries is the envy of many others in the area.

Image and safety are of paramount importance and so the lorries are cleaned at least weekly and there is a rigorous maintenance and inspection programme to ensure the vehicles are kept in safe and reliable running order.

All vehicles are fitted with front to back automated sheeting systems for load security and driver safety.

The fleet comprises lorries of different types and sizes to be able to suit a number of varied site conditions.

  • 4 axle 8 wheelers for carrying loads up to just under 20 tonnes – most are fitted with hydraulically activated tailgates for enhanced driver convenience and safety, giving quicker tipping and turnaround times
  • 4 axle 8 wheelers with grab cranes for self-loading and able to carry 15-16 tonnes – the grabs offer long reach loading or offloading and are operated by trained drivers dedicated to customer service and satisfaction
  • 3 axle 6 wheelers for getting into tight accesses

Satellite tracking

We use hi-tech satellite tracking to monitor our fleet.