ARDULA embrace CLOCS standard

CLOCS window close upLooking out for vulnerable road users…

As a business that is embracing the CLOCS standard as it’s primary compliance template moving forward, we’re pleased to take delivery of what we believe to be the one of the first Kent based tippers  to have the passenger side ‘CLOCS’ window, to improve visibility regarding vulnerable road users.

Only this week cyclist awareness is again a focus for London based transport, and whilst we operate our artic fleet throughout London and the home counties, the tipper fleet is more likely to be seen in the rural Kent and Sussex area.

However, the increase in cycling generally means that vulnerable road users are also likely to be encountered on local highways and byways, so this additional item will be a standard installation on new vehicles, meaning that by January 2016, eight of our 36 strong fleet will have this valuable driving aid.

If you’re a cyclist, look out for us, and be aware of the roadspace we need – we’ll certainly be looking out for you!

CLOCS window close up


Between 2008 and 2013, 55% of cyclist fatalities in London involved a heavy goods vehicle. A disproportionate number of these were construction vehicles. In 2012 Transport for London commissioned an independent review of the construction sector’s transport activities to understand the causes of these collisions and how they might be prevented.

The resulting ‘Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety’ (CLOCS) report was published in February 2013 by Transport Research Laboratory. The report found that:

  • Blind spots on construction vehicles could be larger than general haulage vehicles
  • Road safety was not considered in same way as health and safety on-site
  • There was little understanding of the impact of construction activity on road safety
  • There was no common standard for the industry to work to in order to manage work related road safety

In response, the construction logistics industry demonstrated its commitment to change and identified actions under three work streams to improve road safety. CLOCS brings together the construction logistics industry to  revolutionise the management of work related road risk and embed a road safety culture across the industry as the UK’s population and economy grows.

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